Under Thin Ice

Oceans are the cradle of life on Earth. They house the richest ecosystems, provide half of the oxygen we breathe and temper our climate. Atop the Earth sits the Arctic Ocean, remote, breathtakingly wild but in peril. Over the past century, the Arctic has warmed almost twice as much as the global average, and its wildlife must now readjust to this striking change at breakneck speeds to survive. In the feature documentary UNDER THIN ICE, two Canadian experts in underwater filming join forces for the first time to take us on an incredible journey through the Canadian Arctic to Greenland. Mario Cyr and Jill Heinerth are members of a very select group of international divers. Mario specializes in extreme diving in the polar seas’ frigid waters, while Jill’s expertise is in exploring the depths of underwater caves and iceberg crevasses. For decades, they have been first-hand witnesses to the dramatic effects of climate change on polar ecosystems. Now, they are combining their formidable skills to record how Arctic wildlife is adapting to the rapid changes overtaking the world.