Canada: A People's History, New Times New Ways, 1991-2015

CANADA: A PEOPLE'S HISTORY, the series originally broadcast on CBC in 2000, is back with two new episodes. As the country undergoes seismic change, old values are challenged and Canada charts a different future. It’s NEW TIMES NEW WAYS. Part 1 covers events from the last decade of the 20th Century: gays and lesbians achieve equality; indigenous people seek redress over past abuse; the country stands on the brink of breakup; Cirque du Soleil conquers the world; cod fishing and a way of life end in Newfoundland; the Blackberry gives birth to Canada’s own Silicon Valley; Canadian peacekeepers suffer a near-fatal blow; and the 9/11 attack makes a small-town in Newfoundland heroic. Part 2 starts as 9/11 shakes the world: Canada fights terrorism in Afghanistan and pays a heavy price; the Muslim community is under suspicion and makes innocent victims; Indigenous women are Idle No More; Canadian athletes own the podium at the Olympics in Vancouver; security goes rogue when the G20 meet in Toronto; the Earth’s climate is in jeopardy; and Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield sees its frailty from space.