Canada: A People's History 1991-2015, New Times New Ways (part 2)

Canada: A People’s History, the series originally broadcast on CBC in 2000, is back with two new episodes. As the country undergoes seismic change, old values are challenged and Canada charts a different future. It’s New Times New Ways

Part 2 starts as 9/11 shakes the world: Canada fights terrorism in Afghanistan and pays a heavy price; the Muslim community is under suspicion and makes innocent victims; Indigenous women are Idle No More; Canadian athletes own the podium at the Olympics in Vancouver; security goes rogue when the G20 meet in Toronto; the Earth’s climate is in jeopardy; and Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield sees its frailty from space.  

To tell these stories, the documentary uses an intricate blend of live and archival footage, with audio interviews, personal photos and archives from the characters. Canada: A People’s History, narrated by Maggie Huculak, embarks us again on a poignant and extraordinary journey through the personal stories of its people.