This is a list of events in chronological order for quick reference.
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The Battle of Tippecanoe (Prophetstown): The Northwest (November of 1811)
The Capture of the Cuyahoga Packet : The Northwest (July 2, 1812)
The British Capture Fort Mackinac: The Northwest (July 17, 1812)
The Lachine Riot: The NorthEast (July 4, 1812)
The Fort Dearborn Massacre: The Northwest (August 15, 1812)
The Fall of Fort Detroit: The Northwest (August 16, 1812)
The Dearborn - Prevost Armistice: The Northeast (August 20 - September 8, 1812)
The Battle of Queenston Heights: Central (October 13, 1812)
Shipbuilding on Lake Ontario: Central (1812 - 1815)
The Battle of Frenchtown: The River Raisin Massacre: Northwest (Jan.18-22, 1813)
Overland Trek to Kingston: Central (February and March of 1813)
The Battle of York: Central (April 27, 1813)
The Siege of Fort Meigs: The Northwest (May of 1813)
Invasion of Sacket's Harbour: Central (May 29, 1813)
Battle of Lake Erie: Central (September 10, 1813)
The Battle of Moraviantown (The Battle of the Thames): The Northwest (Oct. 5, 1813)
The Battle of Chateauguay: The Northeast (October 26, 1813)
The Battle of Chrysler’s Farm: The NorthEast (November 10, 1813)
The Battle of Lacolle Mill: The Northeast (March 30, 1814)
The Road to Lundy’s Lane: Niagara Campaign of 1814 (July of 1814)
Battle of Lundy’s Lane: Niagara Campaign 1814 (July 25, 1814)
The British in Chesapeake Bay: The Washington Campaign (Aug.-Sept. of 1814)
The Battle of Plattsburg Bay: The Northeast (September 11, 1814)
The Treaty of Ghent: The Northeast (December 24, 1814)
The Battle of New Orleans: The South (January 8, 1815)